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FKMinistries: Where Believers Become Kingdom Shakers

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Felecia Killings

FKMinistries: Where Believers Become Kingdom Shakers

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"Helping God's people tap into their gifts and calling is my mission."

"Empowering them to engage in this end-time revival and national reformation is my legacy."

- Felecia Killings, Founder and CEO of FKMinistries

Welcome, Kingdom Shakers!

I'm Felecia Killings, Founder and CEO of FKMinistries.

We are today's leading virtual ministry that works with new Christian Authors, Speakers, and upcoming Conservative Leaders to engage in this end-time revival and national reformation using the written and spoken word.

We accomplish this mission by helping our members build powerful virtual ministries that change our nation and the world.

And we are so happy to have you here.

My Story and the History of FKMinistries

FKMinistries was birthed in January 2018 after months of prayers for this nation. Back in October-November 2016, just before the national elections, I petitioned the Lord repeatedly to bring the revival that was promised to us over 100 years ago through William Seymour, Founder of the Azusa Street Revival.

To my surprise, what I thought would be an awakening just among the churches turned out to be a spiritual and moral awakening regarding politics.

As I shared more about God's heart for this nation using social media, my ministry expanded, now reaching tens of thousands of people worldwide.

Today, FKMinistries stands as the only virtual ministry that not only promotes the works I complete but also provides other Believers a platform to use to build and launch their own virtual ministries.

The pillars of FKMinistries are grounded in the Holy Spirit

We believe and we know...

We are Called

Each one of us has a part and share in this great Kingdom work.
(2 Timothy 1)

We are Bold

Our conscience and convictions drive us to boldly do what the Holy Spirit instructs us to do.
(Proverbs 28)

We are His Mouthpieces

We listen, we believe, so we speak, even when our message goes against the culture.
(Jeremiah 1)

We are Preordained

Before we were formed, God knew us and ordained us to be His vessels of honor.
(Jeremiah 1)

We are Watchmen

We have received God's Word and are keeping guard against the enemy.
(Ezekiel 3)

FKMinistries and Our National Work

"[Our] job is to pull up and tear down, take apart and demolish, and then start over, building and planting." (Jeremiah 1:10)

FKMinistries is an online church for today's leaders. We empower our members to engage in culture, politics, and society so we witness revival and reformation in our communities. Our members consists of Ministry Leaders, Christian Authors, Speakers, and Conservative Influencers. And we welcome you!

Founded in January 2018 and led by our Founder, Felecia Killings, FKMinistries provides spiritual and practical support to Believers who are ready to engage in this end-time revival and national reformation using the written and spoken word.

Our headquarters are in Atlanta, GA.

Our Vision and Mission​

"We use our powerful God-tools [our words] for smashing warped philosophies..." (2 Corinthians 10:3).

Our vision is to be the largest online church, consisting of 10,000,000 Believers throughout the next 25 years.

Our mission is to help 1,000,000 FKMinistries' members launch their own virtual ministries that will bring revival and reformation to their homes and communities.

We fulfill this mission by providing spiritual and practical training using our online courses, our premium online school, our virtual Bible studies, and our online events, which are features inside our church.

Our Core Values

"This Revival is not just for the famous folks in ministry. Every Believer has a part and share in this great Kingdom work." - Felecia Killings

At FKMinistries, we recognize that Believers all across the world have been crying out for a mighty move of God's Spirit, especially those of us in America.

During the early 1900s, God revealed to William Seymour, leader of the Azusa Street Revivals, that a greater revival would hit America; and we are living in the thick of that prophecy via the virtual space.

At FKMinistries, we strongly believe that when all Believers step into their divine calling, we will witness the greatest move of the Spirit.

Our Sub-Ministries

Our online church functions much like the Body of Christ at large, except within the virtual space. We have six sub-ministries, each one focused on helping Believers develop strategic methods for engaging in this revival.

Our sub-ministries comprise of multiple spiritual and practical leaders who each have a gift of reaching people with our God-inspired message.

We not only provide biblical teachings based on the leading of the Holy Spirit, but we also empower our members on how they can be change makers using the tools, resources, and strategies found in our Ministry Classes and Online School.

The Fifteen 20 Rise

Helping Conservatives reach more Black Voters with their God-focused message

Teach My Child to Play Chess

Equipping God's people for this end-time revival and national reformation

The Holy Ghost and You

Helping women turn their scandalous stories into ministries of deliverance

Scale for Profit

Helping seasoned Authors, Speakers & Ministry Leaders scale their businesses

The Christian Writerpreneurs

Helping new Christian Authors, Speakers, and Influencers build powerful virtual ministries

Ministry, Motherhood & Marriage

Helping new Virtual Ministers manage life well

As a member of FKMinistries, you gain access to our exclusive content, virtual Bible studies, ministry classes, and online events.


Our weekly virtual Bible studies and discussions, every Monday. Join Felecia as she shares biblical teachings regarding Believers' roles in today's world.


Our weekly news talk, every Wednesday. Join Felecia and her guests as we discuss American politics and the role Believers must take in reforming our nation.

FKM-Virtual Summits

We bring our members powerful online events led by today's leading experts every January, March, May, July, September, and November. Our summits focus on the themes of our individual sub-ministries.

FKM-Leadership Conferences

Our members can join us for our exclusive, in-person conferences and workshops in Atlanta, GA and Washington D.C. at a special rate. (Non-members must be accompanied by a member to gain access.)

What Our Members Have to Say about FKMinistries

"I'm a Christian writer seeking to branch out and network, build the foundation of my brand and boldly walk into the Ministry that God has breathed into my being." - Tim Chapple

"I am not only a conservative Christian; I'm a Black woman who is concerned about the ungodly direction that a majority of liberals and Democrats want to steer our country. I believe that if you are truly a born again believer, then you will not perpetuate racist commentary against the President or any other Black person or woman who supports his policies." - Shirley Rozzell

"I want to be apart of a Christian platform that is not censored." - Annie Garrett

"I am a Christian Constitutional Conservative who enjoys writing. I would love to be a part of a group that can focus those things for God's work." - Llyra Constatine

"I admire those who are willing to do what's right, especially when it requires going against all cultural expectations. Felecia is a great, godly example to all who may be fearful of speaking out for what is right." - Gael Mounger

"I want true information led by the Holy Spirit." - Nikki Click

"Felecia is loved and appreciated for being the inspiration to those who need to be inspired, to be the voice of those who have been silenced. Everything she says and does has a positive reaction from those who don't know how to voice their opinions." - Brenda Flores

"Felecia, I love following you and seeing for myself the wonderful guidance you provide. Quite frankly, I think you would be surprised at how many liberal minds you have opened up to the truth. You are righteously dispelling falsehoods and myths everyday. Great job, young lady! I admire you so much." - Orval Pierce

"Felecia Killings is INCREDIBLY blessed! She is so special. Check out her page and see how incredible she is." - Theresa Gagnon Derpinghaus

Come join us inside FKMinistries today!

We are a growing body of Believers who are ready to engage in this end-time revival and national reformation using the written and spoken word.

To join us, simply tap the button below to submit your lifetime membership payment of $35. Once payment is made, you will receive an email invitation, giving you the link to join FKMinistries.

See you inside!

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